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Thinking of investing in an electric bike? How do they work and would they be right for you?

Thinking of investing in an electric bike? Hubert Day, Content Producer and Researcher, breaks down the pros and cons of e-bikes to help you decide whether to make the switch or not.

With the backdrop of global warming looming ever larger, governments around the world are looking for ways to decarbonise the transport industry – one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Whilst there are many options that are being explored, cycling remains a viable way for individuals to play their part, and it’s certainly becoming more popular.

There are some barriers to cycling that could put people off, but many of these are being lowered with e-bikes coming into the mainstream. These are visually similar to a regular push bike – but how do they differ, and what are the benefits? In this blog, we will reveal how e-bikes work and run down some of their key features to determine if they would be right for you.

How do e-bikes work?

E-bikes have an electric motor and a battery which are usually activated using pedal assist. This means that the motor, which provides torque when you pedal, is only activated when you put in the effort. So, you still get a workout but there is an added boost that means less effort is required than with a traditional bike.

E-bikes have sensors to match your speed and output for an effective ride, which also prevent you from going too fast. Most models will have motors that assist you up to 15.5mph – the legal limit in the UK when cycling on cycle paths and roads.

The battery needed to power the motor is charged at a wall outlet. The time this takes depends on the make and type of battery. The motor can be located on the front hub, rear hub or centre of the bike depending on the model. Sometimes it is connected with the gearing for better traction and handling, but not always.

But what does all of this mean for you? We will now run through some of the key benefits of e-bikes to help you decide if one could be a good investment.

Commuting made easier

The daily commute can be a challenge for many people. Petrol is expensive, public transport is unreliable and walking takes too long, so what is the perfect option? You may have considered cycling but decided against it because you don’t think you’re fit enough or don’t fancy working up a sweat before work. E-bike conversion kits solve this problem brilliantly – not only do they make the commute faster but they require less effort meaning you save energy. Providing you have access to secure bike storage at your place of work, an e-bike is an ideal solution for commuters, no matter their location or distance to travel.

Suitable for any fitness level

Making the above point more convincing is the fact that e-bikes are suitable for any and all fitness levels, no matter your cycling experience. Because they add a boost to your effort, e-bikes make cycling long distances and uphill easy. This can be a less challenging way to improve your physical health while exploring the local area and enjoying the fresh air.


Clearly, with such advanced technology and additional features, e-bikes are unsurprisingly more expensive than normal bikes. This is their main drawback, alongside more potential engineering failures that could make upkeep expensive. However, there are options on the market to fit many budgets with impressive flexibility, such as different-sized motors and batteries depending on your ability and preferences. Even the lowest level e-bikes are capable of staying charged for distances that are suitable for casual use such as commuting to work or a leisurely ride.

Is an e-bike right for you?

There are many benefits to e-bikes, not least that they are an eco-friendly, accessible option that promotes fitness and convenience. We recommend doing your research into the different makes and models of e-bikes to see if thre is a suitable one that fits your budget and would be able to match your needs and requirements. Always opt for a reliable brand and be sure to locate your nearest bike mechanic for advice and help should you need any repairs and additional equipment. Source The Bike Storage Company

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