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What a Formula E race weekend looks like

Formula E, part of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, stands out in the motorsport world with its condensed and action-packed schedule, all unfolding within a single day. Here’s a breakdown of how Formula E’s unique race format unfolds.

All in a Day’s Work:

Formula E diverges from the conventional multi-day format common in motorsport. The bulk of its excitement unfolds on race day, typically falling on a Saturday or Sunday. While other series stretch across three days, Formula E’s main events occur in a compressed timeframe. Preceding race day, there’s a brief half-hour practice session on Friday evenings to acclimate teams to the tracks. However, the real action kicks off on race day.

Race day is a whirlwind of activity, featuring a morning practice session, followed by qualifying and the main race event. In between these sessions, various track activities, medical checks, and driver commitments keep the atmosphere buzzing. Despite the hectic pace, race day offers a constant stream of engaging experiences for on-site spectators.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Practice sessions, typically lasting 30 minutes each, serve as crucial preparation for teams and drivers. These sessions allow them to fine-tune their cars, familiarize themselves with the circuit, and make necessary adjustments ahead of the main events. Some tracks even feature an additional shakedown session the day before the race, providing drivers with an opportunity to test car reliability and electronic systems at reduced speeds.

Quality Qualifying:

Qualifying in Formula E unfolds in a thrilling and unique format. The grid is divided into groups based on drivers’ championship positions, with each group aiming to set fast lap times. The fastest drivers from each group advance through knockout stages until the final duel determines pole position. This format, introduced in Season 8, has become a fan favourite for its intensity and unpredictability.

Ready for the Race:

The race itself kicks off with a standing start, adding to the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. The number of laps is predetermined, but interruptions such as Safety Car periods can extend the race duration. Formula E introduced ATTACK MODE in Season 5, allowing drivers to temporarily boost their power output by driving through designated Activation Zones. This strategic element adds another layer of excitement to the races.

Scoring and Celebrations:

Points in Formula E are awarded to the top-10 finishers, following a standard FIA-sanctioned system. Additional points are awarded for securing pole position and setting the fastest lap during the race. After the race concludes, the top three drivers participate in podium celebrations and fulfill media obligations, adding to the post-race excitement.

Formula E’s innovative format and electrifying races continue to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing the future of motorsport in a thrilling and sustainable manner.

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