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Review: The fully-electric Porsche 911 (964) Coupe

We got behind the wheel of Everrati’s EV masterpiece, the Porsche 911 (964) Coupe, to see if an old classic can keep up with the times.

The Porsche 911 (964) Coupe is the very definition of a classic car and now, thanks to EV conversion specialists Everrati, it has been catapulted into the electric era.

With its fully electric powertrain, this new 500bhp version of the 911 can accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds. The team at Everrati do not have a specific time just yet, as this model is still being fine-tuned, but that statistic seems generously vague and has the feel of a car that can hit 60 in around the three-second mark.

That instantaneous power is delivered with 500Nm of torque, slinging you right back into your seat with every press of the accelerator, and it gets more and more addictive each and every time.

It is not just the powertrain that has been converted, either. Everrati has sculpted this version of the 911 into a ‘Signature’ wider body fit, with larger wheel arches giving this car a great deal of presence on the road. That extra width also makes the car even more comfortable to drive, gluing to the road perfectly even when chucking it into a corner at a decent pace.

It’s quick, it’s gorgeous and it could be the final piece of the puzzle in converting old-school petrolheads over to electric, according to Everrati CEO, Justin Lunny.

Speaking on the Everything EV podcast, Lunny said: “What we’re trying to do is ensure petrolheads turn into motorheads and start to enjoy an EV. Top end is around 135mph but really this is all about having fun and a really engaging drive. It is the most analogue of EVs that you’ll ever drive and is significant fun for a performance electric car.”

When looking at this car and experiencing it from the driver’s seat, it makes absolute perfect sense to convert this classic into an EV. But what was the initial inspiration?

“We chose to do a fully wide, turbo-bodied version of the 964 because we think it has a load of presence on the road. It looks stunning when you see it coming towards you or more likely when it’s pulling away from you. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing. We’ve got carbon-fibre front wings and a carbon-fibre bonnet so it’s actually lighter than the original. The weight distribution is also identical to the original. Our goal was to make this very drivable and very much a fun car that you can throw around.”

This electric 964 also has a fully adjustable electronic suspension, meaning you can truly customize your experience with this car. That customization goes up another gear as well, with the use of a mobile-phone app to adjust the noise the car makes, acting as a sort of methadone project for any internal-combustion addicts that happen to get behind the wheel of it.

Whilst speed and power are the hallmarks of this project, it must be remembered that it is a fully electric vehicle and with that comes the questions of range and charging.

Lunny added: “One of the key things we focused on was making this a very drivable and usable car. We don’t overweigh a car or over-battery a car; we want to make it fun and engaging. Therefore, we’ve added CCS fast-charging so this car can charge from about 20% to 80% in under 45 minutes which makes it very, very usable.

“Range-wise, we know it’s north of 150 miles in normal driving conditions; we think we’d get to about 180 miles if you were taking it easy. It’s probably more of a car to go out for a blast in on a Sunday morning and have a bit of fun in and come back and, if you’ve got charging at home, you can have it ready again for the next morning.”

Being an electric car, it also has the features that you’d expect with any electric car, with regenerative braking being one of them. Regen braking can be hit and miss in EVs, with some being nice and predictable, and others jumping all over the place with the slightest lift of your right foot. This car is somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t catch you out but it does take some getting used to, especially when you’re driving at a decent speed, which is hard to resist.

As Lunny mentioned, Everrati had its sights set on creating a useable car, one that is at home in the middle of a town centre as it is on a track.

Whilst it may be usable and fit for day-to-day driving, this car is still beautifully raw. It hasn’t been designed to keep out road noise, it hasn’t been given all the bells and whistles you’d get with a regular EV hatchback. It is a car that knocks your socks off every time you put your foot down, and it just so happens to be electric.

By removing the flat-six from this car, it was always going to upset the old-school V-engine fans, but this is a car that is moving with the times, and even Porsche has recognised that the future is electric with its Taycan range and other electrification projects in the pipeline. But still, even with this modern twist, it will still put a smile on your face, no matter how much you love a combustion engine.

Sure, it’s fit for the real world, but the true nature of this car comes out to play on a track, which is where we had the pleasure of testing it.

Since this car was unveiled to the world, it has turned heads all over the country at various different exhibitions and car shows and it has been the perfect advert for the world of converting classic cars over to electric.

Thanks to the work of Everrati, a classic from the 1990’s has been able to keep up with the times, and in stunning fashion, too.

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Charlie Atkinson

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