Voltempo unveils ‘the world’s fastest EV charging technology’

EV charging firm Voltempo has claimed the title of world’s fastest EV charger with its new HyperCharging system.

Boasting a power delivery of 1,000kW, HyperCharging has been designed to be future ready, able to charge the next generation of electric vehicles in as little as six minutes. It also has the unique capability of being able to charge up to 24 vehicles at the same time.

Developed and built in Britain, a demonstration version of HyperCharging can be seen at Voltempo’s Technology Design Centre in Birmingham. The first installations of the technology will begin in 2022, with a charging hub that will be installed at the Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham.

The company says the HyperCharging technology will allow petrol stations to become cost-effective charging hubs. The HyperCharging system can be installed anywhere – particularly in locations that need to charge a lot of vehicles at the same time. The technology’s modular system enables it to be installed 70% faster than other charging systems – in a matter of hours or days, rather than months.

David Horsfall, director of the Tyseley Energy Park, said: “We’re really excited to be working with Voltempo and are looking forward to having the first HyperCharging hub installed in March. We’re really impressed with its future-ready, scalable charging concept. It gives companies the ability to start small and grow with demand, and charge at much higher currents, ready for the next generation of EVs.”

Michael Boxwell, chief executive officer of Voltempo, added: “Earlier this year, we announced a world first when we carried out a public demonstration in which we designed and installed a prototype battery in an electric vehicle and completely charged it in under six minutes. Our new HyperCharging system already gives up to 30% faster charging in current electric vehicles through dynamic power management. However, the demonstration showed that it will be able to charge the next generation of electric vehicles in a similar time that it takes to refuel a conventional, petrol-driven vehicle.

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