Volkswagen Group and Ohme extend charging partnership

The Volkswagen Group has renewed its partnership with Ohme as its official home EV charging company.

Ohme has been the recommended charger provider for the group since 2022, recommended by its 600+ dealers across the Audi, Cupra, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicle brands.

“I’m delighted that the Volkswagen Group has extended our partnership together underlining Ohme’s position as the UK’s largest smart home EV charging company,” said David Watson, Ohme CEO.

“When our collaboration with the Volkswagen Group began in 2022, it already had one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric models and that has only grown. We look forward to continuing to introduce its drivers to the benefits of dynamic smart charging with dramatically reduced running costs.”

The Volkswagen Group is the UK’s largest automotive group and last year was responsible for one in every five battery electric passenger cars sold.

Kate Jeffreys, electric vehicles business lead for Volkswagen Group UK said: “Following a robust procurement process, we were very happy to continue with Ohme as our official home EV charger for the Volkswagen Group.

“Ohme’s attitude towards excellent customer service together with its award-winning chargers and its dynamic technology which is able to access some of the most affordable EV tariffs on the market, made it an obvious choice. As we move from early to mass adoption of EVs we need to support our customers in making the switch and our ongoing relationship with Ohme is a key part of this.”

Ohme’s Home Pro and ePod chargers are among the very few which can fully integrate with dynamic charging tariffs such as Intelligent Octopus Go. These reduce electricity rates to as little as 7.5p/kWh, potentially saving drivers more than £400 compared with a standard variable tariff. Based on the average UK driver’s mileage of 6,800 miles a year, smart charging on that off-peak tariff in a typical EV would cost just £127.50. From 1 April with the new Standard Variable Tariff of 24.5p/kWh, that same annual mileage would cost £417. By comparison, the same mileage in an equivalent petrol car would cost a driver more than £1,100.

The Cork-based brand has become the go-to charging provider for a number of major manufacturers and dealer chains, including Polestar, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai.

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Matt Allan

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