Raleigh launches new range of electric cargo bikes

Raleigh has announced the launch of their new electric cargo bike range – Raleigh E-Cargo available in the UK and Ireland from September.

The E-Cargo line will allow individuals and businesses to transport items with zero emissions as a viable replacement for traditional commercial vehicles.

Working with businesses and local authorities Raleigh will offer a personalised service with financing options available. There is also the opportunity to brand the e-cargo bikes with company logos and messaging, offering a great marketing tool to promote the business and zero emission delivery service.

Congestion in urban areas can make deliveries slow and inefficient for businesses not to mention create vast amounts of avoidable emissions. Raleigh E-Cargo bikes are designed to carry up to 100kg in weight and have a range of up to 75km on one single charge, they are a viable solution to urban and rural delivery services as well as individuals that want to transport items. Added to this, grants are soon to be available as part of Government’s wider programme to decarbonise deliveries set out in their decarbonisation plan.

‘’Our electric cargo bikes are an exciting addition to our range and will enable businesses, local authorities and individuals to adopt a low carbon transport solution, save on fuel costs and set a new standard for sustainability. Now more than ever we need to look at the way we deliver goods in both urban and rural settings to reduce congestion and our carbon foot print, the E-Cargo range provides the perfect solution for last mile delivery services’’ – Lee Kidger, Managing Director Raleigh UK.

According to research, consumers are willing to pay up to 5% more for products and services that are environmentally friendly and as online sales increase year on year so does the demand eco-friendly for last mile delivery services. Coupled with government and local authorities ambitions to become carbon neutral electric cargo bikes will be pivotal in providing an alternative, environmentally friendly solution.

Raleigh is a brand with over 130 years of heritage and trust with consumers here in the UK, the range of electric cargo bikes will be available directly to UK businesses with delivery and training offered as well as the ability to co-brand the bikes to suit the business needs.

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