Octopus Energy teams up with Elmtronics to electrify UK fleets

Businesses looking to electrify their fleets will now find it easier thanks to a new partnership between Octopus Energy and Elmtronics.

This new partnership expands the value-added services available to business customers to include the supply, installation, back office software and maintenance of charge points, all of which will be fulfilled by Elmtronics. The partners will also collaborate to educate and support businesses in their mission to introduce electric vehicles into their operations.

Octopus Energy’s existing EV solutions portfolio includes EV leasing, smart tariffs for charging overnight, EV roaming through its Electric Juice Network and Electric Dreams – a salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars.

The new partnership also expands an existing relationship, as inn October 2020, the two companies signed a roaming agreement to allow Octopus Energy customers to charge on Hubsta networks using the Electric Juice Network. Elmtronics’ Hubsta network is used by business customers and the integration with Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice network simplifies charging on the go by taking away the need for using different cards and apps, and rolling charging costs into a single bill.

Dan Martin, Elmtronics CEO, said: “Fleets and businesses are increasingly looking to transition to electric vehicles, but the additional complexities of introducing charging can be daunting for some. The partnership between Octopus Energy and Elmtronics will make the process of switching to an electric fleet as simple and painless as possible for its customers will make a real difference to businesses across the UK.

“This is just the start of what we hope is our vision to provide a full solution to our business customers, bringing electric vehicle charging and renewable energy together as a full package.”

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, the arm of Octopus Energy Group responsible for charge point installations, added: “We’re excited to be working with like-minded Elmtronics to help more businesses in the UK switch to clean, electric cars. Octopus Energy is among the companies doing the most to push the electric car revolution in the UK, and being able to bring more infrastructure to businesses that want to electrify their fleet and go carbon neutral can only be a positive thing.

“Octopus Energy and Elmtronics will work together to keep making it easier for business customers to go electric, by offering charge point supply, install and aftercare all rolled up into one.”

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