New Leaf among Nissan plans for accelerated EV roll-out

Nissan has announced plans to accelerate its EV development, with five new electric models coming to Europe by 2027.

Nissan says Europe will lead the way on its global electrification programme with its Sunderland plant central to its new EV production strategy.

The North East plant has been the home of the Leaf since 2013 and is expected to build three new EVs, including the next-generation electric Juke and next-gen Leaf.

Nissan says that its five new European EVs will include some of Nissan’s most well-loved nameplates, including Leaf. Production of the second generation Leaf recently stopped so the factory can be retooled to build the new models.

Among the other names reappearing as electric vehicles is the Micra. Nissan is working with its long-term partner Renault on a new compact EV to replace the petrol powered supermini. The new Micra is due in 2026 and is expected to be based on the same platform as next year’s Renault 5.

In addition, Nissan will use its partnership with Ampere to launch an all-electric Interstar LCV as well as a new LCV based on FlexEVan.

It will also use Europe as the launchpad for its vehicle-to-grid charging products. The next generation of Nissan EVs will feature AC V2G capability and the manufacturer plans to offer ‘affordable’ home chargers to allow drivers to feed stored energy back into the grid.

Alongside the all-electric models, Nissan plans to develop the third generation of its e-Power hybrid technology and expects 40% of all European sales to be electrified by 2026.

The accelerated plan was announced as part of the Japanese manufacturer’s new business plan, named ‘The Arc’.

The new strategy for its AMIEO region which covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and Oceania, is designed to bridge the gap between the previous Nissan Next plan and the longer-term Ambition 2030 vision. It’s focused on a broad-based product offensive with different models and technologies for different markets, along with new engineering and manufacturing processes and the use of business partnership, such as the recently announced one with Honda, to increase global sales and improve profitability.

Guillaume Cartier, chairperson at Nissan AMIEO said: “Through The Arc we have a clear roadmap to a promising future, focusing on growth, adaptability and competitiveness.

“Our AMIEO region is fully aligned to this global plan and we are shifting gears to enhance our product offering in the region, advance electrification and technology and leverage our strategic partnerships to drive us to a new era.

“Through this comprehensive plan, we are championing competitiveness and growth and I am confident we will deliver, providing the foundations to bridge to Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision.”

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Matt Allan

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