MFG opens EV Power charging hub at Hornsey Rise forecourt

MFG EV Power has opened four new ultra-rapid electric vehicle chargers at its Hornsey Rise forecourt in North London.

The site now hosts four ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers and is located just two miles away from MFG’s EV Power Hub in Wellington.

The new chargers come almost a year after MFG announced plans to open 60 new electric vehicle charging hubs as part of a £50 million investment, which would see 350, ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers at 60 hubs throughout the UK.

More recently, MFG also teamed up with electric vehicle charging aggregator Bonnet, where its network of chargers are now able to access through the app.

MFG EV Power currently operates 51 ultra-rapid charging hubs across the UK that offer 24/7 access to 264 fast 150kW connections. Amenities, including 24-hour hot food services, are available at each site, in a boost for long-distance drivers.

Motor Fuel Group plans to install a further 3,000+ ultra-rapid chargers with speeds of 150kW to 300kW across its 900 locations in the UK by 2030. As its network grows, all new chargers will also be made available on Bonnet as they are installed.

Martin Symes, Operations Director, EV Network at MFG, said: “Our network currently consists of 51 sites with 264 Ultra Rapid chargers, with more to open this year and an amazing set of new locations planned for 2023 and beyond.”

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