Hyundai teases sneak peek of new electric SUV concept, the Seven

Hyundai has teased the release of the latest addition to the Ioniq family, the fully electric SUV Seven concept.

The manufacturer has released a couple of teaser images of what it is calling the “sleek and spacious” Seven, ahead of the full unveiling at AutoMobility LA later this month.

According to Hyundai, the Seven captures its future design and technology innovation in the electric mobility era and hints at a new SUV model coming to the Ioniq family, the company’s dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand.

The images released highlight a new design style, which Hyundai says is a deliberate step away from the aesthetic of its internal combustion models, as well as pixel lights and a short hangover.

Hyundai also shared images of the interior which is described as “a premium and personalized lounge ambience,” with seats and all other furnishings trimmed in sustainable materials.

Hyundai will debut Seven during the AutoMobility LA press conference on 17th November and will remain on display from the 19th to 28th November for the general public to view.

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