Franklin Energy set to revolutionise public car park charging

Franklin Energy is set to revolutionise the public parking industry by partnering with Q-Park to install 500 EVBox charging ports at their UK parking spaces by 2022.

Franklin Energy will provide EVBox charging ports to Q-Park, one of the largest public parking operators in the world. The move will accelerate the transition to electric mobility in the UK while also revolutionizing the public parking industry.

Franklin Energy’s mission is to be at the forefront of the UK’s transition to electric mobility by providing a network of nationally owned and managed EV charging infrastructure to help the UK meet its stringent CO2 reduction targets and increase its energy security. The partnership with Q-Park will address the perceived lack of available charging spaces in the UK.

Franklin Energy has already installed 66 business charging ports (22 kW) across Q-Park sites. The aim is to deploy a total of 500 EVBox BusinessLine and Iqon charging ports at its UK sites by the end of 2022.

EVBox Group’s charging solutions will allow Franklin Energy and Q-Park to transform the public parking industry as the popularity of EVs and demand for charging ports continues to grow in the UK.

In 2016, Franklin Energy launched the LiFe charging network, the UK’s first privately funded charging network with publicly accessible charging ports, located in Liverpool city center’s Q-Park. From there, the network expanded to Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, York, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Belfast. Franklin Energy’s LiFe charging network can be accessed with their app and RFID cards, allowing drivers to search for charging stations and pay for charging sessions.

Speaking about the announcement John Denton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park, said: “At Q-Park, we’re always eager to be at the forefront of technological advances in our market and are delighted to work with Franklin Energy to bring the very latest EV charging technology to new car parks across the country. We have already identified our next phase of installations with Franklin Energy, which will include our first car parks in Scotland and Birmingham. We’re excited to keep this project moving forward to cement our place as the car park operator of choice for EV drivers.”

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