First ever electric race plane to take flight later this year

A date has been set for the inaugural flight of an all-electric racing aircraft ahead of the Air Race E series which will begin next year.

Air Race E, the world’s first all-electric air race series, will get underway in 2022 with a number of pilots going head-to-head at different events around the world.

The series will showcase all-electric aircrafts racing just ten metres above the ground at speeds of up to 280mph.

The test itself will put the electric racing aircraft through its paces, concentrating on airworthiness and safety during its initial runs. Further trials over subsequent weeks and months will then focus on fine-tuning the high-performance aspects of the aircraft, ensuring it is ready to race in 2022.

Jeff Zaltman, CEO of Air Race E, said: “We are extremely proud of all the talented and experienced experts and pioneers in the Air Race E family that have come together in this project, to drive forward innovation and make this historic moment in electrification and aerospace happen.

“This milestone in the evolution of Air Race E is pivotal and further establishes us at the leading edge of the industry alongside our visionary partners. Many other exciting moments await us as we work together towards the first ever electric air race next year.”

The date, location and the crew members involved in the test will be released over the coming weeks.

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