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Equipmake to showcase latest generation Zero-Emission Drivetrain technology at Busworld 2023

Equipmake, the UK-based engineering specialist pioneering the development and production of electrification products across the automotive, aerospace, bus, and coach industries, will be showcasing its state-of-the-art electric drivetrain at Busworld 2023.

Busworld is Europe’s largest bus and coach show, presenting a host of new vehicles and technologies and Equipmake will unveil the latest generation of its Zero Emission Drivetrain (ZED), a cutting-edge battery-electric powertrain designed and developed from the ground-up to deliver clean, cost-effective urban mobility.

Completely scalable and modular, the ZED can be applied to any bus, from single to double decker, and is suitable for coachbuilds as well as repowers of existing diesel vehicles. Featuring Equipmake’s in-house developed electric motor, inverter, and power electronics, combined with the latest in lithium-ion batteries, ZED’s advanced technology results in high efficiency.

One of its most important features is Equipmake’s patented ultra-efficient thermal management system, which maintains all three of the ZED’s key components – the battery pack, motor, and inverter – at an optimum operating temperature, maximising vehicle range.

Featuring an advanced water-glycol cooling circuit, the system has the added benefit of providing interior heating during cold conditions with captured thermal energy. When the battery is depleted at the end of a complete duty cycle, it can be recharged at the depot overnight via a CSS2 DC charging point.

State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery packs are available in a range of sizes, from 327 kWh to 436 kWh, up to 545 kWh, giving ranges up to 400km, while Equipmake’s HTM 3500 electric motor is seamlessly integrated into the prop shaft – without the need for a separate transmission – and has been precisely engineered to meet the demanding requirements of a fully laden bus by producing 3,500Nm torque at a motor speed of just 1,000rpm and delivering 400kW maximum power.

Already in use by operators across the world, from London to Buenos Aires, Equipmake’s ZED can help to reduce local emissions in urban environments, improve air quality and reduce running costs for users and operators.

Ian Foley, Equipmake CEO, said: “Bus and coach operators who want to go electric can do so quickly and cost-effectively with Equipmake’s Zero Emission Drivetrain (ZED). I’m delighted to showcase the latest version of our highly efficient battery-electric system here at Busworld. Fully scalable and modular, it can rapidly turn any bus electric, featuring a raft of cutting-edge technology, including our own in-house developed motor, inverter, and patented thermal management system. The move to zero emissions is gathering momentum as operators realise the significant cost benefits of going electric – Equipmake’s ZED can play a vital role in accelerating that transition.”

Every configuration carried out by Equipmake, whether coachbuild or repower, is bespoke to each vehicle and its requirements, with service routes simulated to ensure the optimum battery level is selected, and that required mileage is achievable. Equipmake also provides cost effective aftercare, with a motor, battery pack and inverter refurbishment programme.

Based in Snetterton, Norfolk, Equipmake provides the complete electric vehicle solution, offering everything from motors to fully electrified platforms, supporting primarily the automotive, commercial vehicle, marine and aerospace sectors.

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