Electric plane flights given a boost with first charging network

In the pursuit of achieving net zero emissions, the aviation industry faces a formidable challenge in developing clean-flying aircraft. However, a significant step towards this goal has been taken along the south coast of England, where a pioneering solution has emerged.

Aerovolt, a startup company, has recently unveiled the world’s first public charging network for electric planes, marking a crucial milestone in the journey towards sustainable aviation.

This groundbreaking initiative allows early adopters of electric aircraft to travel between six airfields, including Dunkeswell in Devon and Lydd in Kent, with ease. Pilots can now book charging slots in advance using Electroverse, Octopus’s innovative charging app, facilitating seamless journeys along the south coast.

Founders Phil and Alan Kingsley-Dobson envision expanding this infrastructure to 20 more airfields, with aspirations to cover nearly half of the country’s 900 airfields eventually. Despite the nascent stage of electric aviation, with only 20 electric planes currently in operation in Britain, the brothers are optimistic about the sector’s growth potential. They foresee advancements in battery technology leading to the emergence of larger, long-range electric planes and helicopter-like craft that could utilize Aerovolt’s charging network.

The journey towards establishing Aerovolt was born out of adversity for the Kingsley-Dobson twins, who transitioned from running a stage design business to venturing into electric aviation. Despite initial challenges securing funding, they secured a significant investment from 7percent ventures, enabling the deployment of their first six chargers. Now, they aim to raise further capital to expand their network nationwide.

While electric aviation may still be in its infancy, the potential benefits are significant. Not only does electric flight promise reduced emissions and environmental impact, but it also offers cost advantages over traditional aviation. With a clear pathway towards profitability and scalability, Aerovolt aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation.

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