Cupra’s first electric vehicle scheduled for 2022 release

Spanish-based Cupra has revealed its very first all-electric vehicle, the Cupra Born, which will be available from 2022.

Production of the new electric vehicle will begin this September at the brand’s Zwickau plant in Germany and UK pricing is scheduled for Q4 this year.

A choice of models will include a 45kWh battery with a range of 211 miles, a 58kWh battery and an up to 58kWh battery with ‘e-Boost’, both with a 260 mile range, as well as an up to 77kWh battery with ‘e-Boost’ with a 335 mile range.

Fast recharging (125kW) is also possible, with 62 miles of additional range delivered in as little as seven minutes for the 77kWh battery model.

Wayne Griffiths, president of Cupra and Seat, which owns Cupra, said: “The Cupra Born is a game-changer in the electric market and the impulse of the company’s transformation. Delivering stimulating design, instantaneous performance and offering an all-electric range of more than 500 kilometres, the Cupra Born will contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and meeting European targets. But it’s more than that – Through its emotional sportiness, we want the next generation of young challengers to be part of this transformation. That’s why Cupra will use unconventional sales models to reach new people and take the Cupra brand beyond the traditional.”

Werner Tietz, executive vice-president for research and development at Cupra and Seat, added: “The Cupra Born integrates a very advanced electric powertrain technology, helping to deliver an exhilarating drive from Cupra’s first all-electric vehicle.

“The Cupra Born proves that electrification and performance are a perfect match, it’s a game-changer in the market, contributing to the reduction in CO2 but without any compromises – it’s environmentally conscious but at the same time dynamic and exciting.”

First look

“The Cupra Born’s design is multifaceted, it sharpens the Cupra look while at the same time incorporating the modernity of its advanced electric powertrain,” said Jorge Díez, design director at Cupra and SEAT. “It delivers a strong Cupra character that expresses agility and performance with its mix of flowing surfaces and technical details.”

The front aesthetic focuses on the newly-designed full LED headlights, flanking the concave upper section that sits like a shark nose and the copper-framed lower intake designed to channel air towards the radiator for battery thermal management.

The bonnet incorporates three-dimensional shapes to help bend the light and “bring the front end to life,” while the volume sitting on top of the headlights and through the wings help create the vehicle’s sporty stance.

The size and scale of the Born is reminiscent of the Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Zoe and will be targeted at the EV hot-hatchback market.

The CUPRA Born design team added four key features to enhance its sleek and sporty side profile. Firstly, the flowing aerodynamic side sill element, at the very bottom of the vehicle, is finished in a contrast to the body colour to reduce the visual mass. It added sharp lines that strike through the length of the body and around to the rear creating a sense of purpose and movement, as well as a C-Pillar which is created using a three-dimensional, textured surface finished in a contrast colour to give the impression of a floating roofline. Six bespoke alloy wheel designs, ranging from 18- to 20-inch in size, will also include functional aerodynamic inserts and machine-finished copper highlights.

Inside, there is a floating 12-inch infotainment touchscreen and the MEB platform allows for a more spacious design. An augmented-reality head-up display will also be included, as will a Beats audio system.

The boot has a capacity of 385 litres and a series of safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, pre-crash assist and travel assist, will also be included as standard.

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