Costa to install 200 rapid chargers at UK sites with InstaVolt partnership

Costa Coffee has forged a partnership with InstaVolt to install rapid electric vehicle chargers at up to 200 Costa sites across the UK.

The partnership will see InstaVolt’s state-of-the-art rapid chargers placed at new and existing stores in order to increase the accessibility of rapid charging technology.

The chargers will deliver speeds of up to 120kW to EV owners across the UK and InstaVolt’s ‘open charger’ model which will allow anyone visiting a participating Costa Coffee Drive-Thru site to use its charging points on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Building on Costa Coffee’s existing network of 176 electric vehicle charging points at selected locations across the UK, Costa says the partnership will further drive the brand’s efforts to support consumers in reducing carbon emissions.

Costa Coffee UK&I property director, James Hamilton, said: “We want to ensure we’re playing our part in enhancing our customers’ experience as they switch to more sustainable models of transport in that all important step to tackle climate change. As we continue to safely re-open our stores and deliver our ambitious UK&I growth plans, we are proud to partner with InstaVolt to embed charge points across multiple Drive-Thru locations, contributing to the UK’s ever-growing EV charging infrastructure.

“It’s exciting that in the time it takes for our consumers to order and enjoy their favourite Costa coffee, they can add an extra 100 miles in range and help our country reach its net-zero ambition.”

InstaVolt is a leading EV charging point network in the UK, and the brand’s technology provides 120 kW rapid charge points which can add 220 miles of range in half an hour.

InstaVolt’s chief executive officer, Adrian Keen, said: “We are on a mission to offer InstaVolt rapid chargers across easily accessible and popular locations throughout the country. This partnership with Costa Coffee will further support in the ever-increasing drive towards EV adoption across the UK.

“One of the biggest barriers to customers making the switch to green clean vehicles is often a perceived lack of public car charge points. We are proud to be partnering with such a well known and loved brand to build out the charging network and deliver industry leading charging technology to brand new locations.

“Our work with Costa Coffee will support in achieving the Government’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and offer additional peace of mind to drivers wanting to speedily recharge their cars batteries while they pick up their favourite coffee. EV charging needs to ‘slip in’ to customers everyday lives, and by partnering with Costa Coffee, we’re able to take additional steps towards combatting range anxiety in the UK.”

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