Charging on GRIDSERVE’s Electric Highway network triples over past year

The number of charging sessions on GRIDSERVE’s Electric Highway motorway network has tripled since June last year.

According to data released by the charging company, GRIDSERVE has seen the amount of energy supplied since it acquired the network from Ecotricity a year ago.

The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is now estimated to be one of the most highly utilised charging networks in the UK, now charging more than 100,000 EVs every month with net zero energy.

Over the past year, GRIDSERVE has embarked on a multimillion-pound programme to materially improve dependability, ease of use, and availability of chargers, including upgrading over 160 charging locations with new chargers, delivering an additional seven High Power Electric Super Hubs across the motorway network – each featuring a bank of six to 12 x 350kW-capable chargers, and opening a new flagship Norwich Electric Forecourt. Dozens of additional sites are also already under development and in construction.

Reliability, consistently reported as a number one priority for EV drivers, has significantly improved under GRIDSERVE, now standing at up to 99% uptime. Accessibility has also improved, with contactless payment – previously unavailable at all legacy chargers – now ubiquitous across the network.

Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE, said: “Only one year ago, we acquired the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway with the aim of making EV driving an enjoyable, ultra-convenient and stress-free experience throughout the UK. From day one, we have been focussed on delivering the best possible charging experience for drivers, and the response has been staggering with more people than ever charging at motorway service stations. I’m proud to say that in just one year, GRIDSERVE has made reliable EV travel across Great Britain possible – from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, and Pembrokeshire to Dover.”

“Whilst we have materially improved EV charging across the UK, we have only touched the surface in terms of delivering the full extent of our plans, and it remains our mission to continually improve our network to provide increasingly large numbers of EV drivers with the confidence that they can set off on any length of journey, to anywhere in the country, driving any type of EV, and have a better experience than making the same trip in a petrol or diesel vehicle.”

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