Audi expands EV charging network to cover 75% of UK public chargers

Audi customers now have access to over 17,500 EV charging points in the UK, representing almost three-quarters of public chargers.

With the onboarding of one of the UK’s leading networks, BP Pulse, along with Pod Point, Source London, Ionity and 19 other operators, Audi’s network now has access to over 17,500 public charging points in the country. The service also provides its customers with access to 242,000 chargers across Europe.

BP pulse, previously known as BP Chargemaster Polar network, is one of the UK’s largest charging networks and charging companies in the UK, with the e-tron charging service now giving customers access to over 6,000 compatible BP Pulse charging stations.

Audi claims its service brings an end to customers being encumbered by multiple subscriptions to numerous suppliers.

Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK, said: “Audi’s aim has always been to make the transition from combustion to electrified vehicles as easy as possible for our customers, and the expansion of our ultra-convenient e-tron charging service is a clear demonstration of that.

“With only one card Audi customers now have access to almost 75% of the UK’s public charging points – that’s a vast collection of fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging points across the country, which will provide them with greater flexibility and convenience day-today.”

To remove the need for multiple subscriptions, Audi’s charging service works via the use of an RFID card which unlocks each charger after they have registered the details of their vehicle, and customers can start the charging process using the charge card or the myAudi app.

Two different tariffs are available, City or Transit, which allow customers free-roaming across Europe, bundle all charges into one monthly cost, and offer fixed pricing so there is no need to compare costs between providers.

The City tariff, which is designed for those travelling in urban areas, sees customers pay standardised rates of 0.29 GBP/kWh for AC charging and 0.39/kWh for DC fast-charging for £4.91 a month.

The Transit tariff is designed for Audi owners that cover greater distances and therefore require the fastest range replenishment times. This tariff, for £16.81 a month, also offers similar charging rates to the City package, but with a discounted IONITY rate of just 0.28GBP/kWh at any one of the 400 stations across Europe. e-tron owners will also receive the Transit tariff-free for the first 12 months and a £150 charging voucher.

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