Aspark Owl SP600 becomes world’s fastest electric car

The Aspark Owl SP600 has set a new record as the world’s fastest electric car, hitting more than 270mph.

The SP600’s top speed of 272.6mph knocks the 256mph Rimac Nevera off the top spot and places it among the fastest cars on earth, regardless of powertrain.

The Owl SP600 set its record-breaking V-max at the ATP proving ground in Papenburg, Germany, with Nurburgring 24h winner Marc Basseng at the wheel.

The SP600 is an evolution of the original Aspark Owl – a four-motor hypercar which was already among the fastest EVs around with a top speed of 256mph.

The car was built on behalf of Japan’s Aspark by Manifattura Automobili Torino (M.A.T.) in Italy, the same firm which manufactured the original Owl and the limited-run New Stratos.

Technical details are thin on the ground but we know the original Owl used a motor at each wheel for a total of 1,953bhp and 1,16lb ft. Presumably that’s been increased to help the SP600 reach its record-breaking speed. The bodywork has also been upgraded with a longer tail and central fin in place of the large spoiler of the regular car. And we know that Bridgestone was commissioned to develop a bespoke Potenza Race tyre capable of operating at more than 267mph.

The SP600 underwent months of virtual and real-world testing before the record run, including wind tunnel validation and on-track development. In the build up to the record, the car was logged at 261.4mph and 267mph by the onboard Racelogic V-Box, before hitting its 272.6mph limit.

Following the record run, Aspark CEO Masanori Yoshida said: “It has been about 10 years since we started working on the Owl hypercar. We aimed for the world’s fastest accelerating car, then attempted and achieved the top speed world records today with our new hypercar OWL SP600.

“This technical capability inspires all involved to personal excellence and to challenge and grow in leaps and bounds into the future.”

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