The Shockingly Important Role of Surge Protection Devices for Electric Vehicles

The importance of electrical energy has increased dramatically with the innovation of EVs. And while EVs are helping us move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future, we can’t ignore the importance of electrical infrastructures.

As you know, surge protection devices already provide reliable performance in various sectors. From digital maintenance to electrical industries and outlets, they are indispensable everywhere. Similarly, surge protection devices also play a vital role in electric vehicles and their charging systems. How’s that? Let’s explore:

Starting With The Lighting Strikes

A surge protection device was primarily used as a protective measure against lightning strikes. Later, it evolved to be a valuable tool in electrical surges and fluctuations. As the world requires EV Charging Infrastructures, the need for surge protection devices also grows.

Especially because there will be power lines, communication cables and more. A charging station could be an exposed location, and that’s why strategic placement of surge protection devices can minimise the risks from lightning strikes.

The Role In The Charging Infrastructure

Now let’s take a look at Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment that is used in EV Charging Stations. As you might know, there are many electrical systems and components in use there. From communication to control, you have to be precise with them, and the technology is still working towards catching up to be stable.

With that being said, voltage surges, spikes, and statics are going to be quite common in such cases. Yes, the stations are using components and setups to prevent that. One such component is the surge protection device as the first line of defense. It helps in maintaining and diverting excess voltage. Thus preventing damage to the charging system and equipment.

Optimizing EV Batteries

We are not new to the concept that overcharging or using the wrong voltage for the batteries can lead to consequences. The batteries can sustain long-term damage. With the fluctuation in EV systems, it is easy to harm the battery and the sensitive components, which can lead to future issues.

A surge protection device works to ensure that the battery receives a clean and stable supply without any impact on the battery. As a result, the batteries in the EVs can last longer and provide stable performance.

Reducing The Long Term Costs

Now, imagine if surge protection devices weren’t in use for EVs and EV systems. As a result, you are looking at too many fluctuations and damage to various grids and infrastructure. From expensive downtimes to repairs, you can see how surge protection devices assist in minimizing the damage.

More importantly, with improved battery life for EVs and lower maintenance for EV charging systems, you can cut down the cost of operations and have a more sustainable future.

You Get Consistent And Reliable Charging

Overall, the combination of surge protection devices in various parts of the EV and charging system leads to a lower negative impact. You wouldn’t have to worry about the weather, either. With a better-grade surge protection device, you can have reliable and stable performance.

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