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Hazim Nada: The man behind Italy’s new premium electric vehicle brand AEHRA

AEHRA, a new global ultra-premium electric automotive brand, has revealed exclusive preview images of its SUV model ahead of unveiling the final vehicle design and name.

The images reveal a “profoundly different” design to anything currently on the market, according to AEHRA, with a radical low front end, expanded cabin size, and an “elongated and sophisticated flowing profile and dynamic rear.”

“AEHRA was launched with a vision to unlock the full design potential afforded by cutting-edge EV platform technology in a manner not previously seen,” said Filippo Perini, AEHRA Head of Design. “AEHRA’s first SUV model seamlessly synthesizes the unmatched elegance of Italian design with the very best in global materials and engineering to deliver a shift-change across the entire customer journey.”

AEHRA will follow the SUV with the reveal of a Sedan model in February 2023. Deliveries to customers of both models are expected to commence in 2025.

“The unveiling of the preview images of the first AEHRA model, just four months after the launch of the company, certifies that we remain firmly on track with our ambitious strategy to transform the EV mobility ecosystem with vehicles charged with emotional design and imbued with superior aerodynamic efficiency,” said AEHRA Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hazim Nada. “We now look forward to revealing the full design and name of the vehicle in October.”

AEHRA recently teamed up with global market research agency Savanta to conduct a survey into potential purchasing intent behaviors of ultra-premium EV customers.

According to Savanta Chief Global Research Officer Dr. Nick Baker, the average age for consumers likely to purchase a premium EV is in the lower 40s, compared to earlier data that showed buyers to be in their 50s and mostly male*. Savanta’s findings also demonstrated that women are now equally as interested in premium EVs that emphasize comfort and sophistication as their male counterparts.

Both of these astounding results stemmed from the pivotal question: “The next time you purchase a vehicle, how likely are you to seriously consider purchasing an electric vehicle?”. With nearly equivalent responses, 53 percent of men and 51 percent of women reported to be highly-likely, thus indicating that when it comes to purchasing premium EVs, the tendency is gender-equal.

Additionally, among age demographics, 44 percent of Gen-Zers (18-25 years old), 61 percent of Millennials (26-49 years old), 47 percent of Gen Xers (50-64 years old), and 37 percent of Boomers/Silent Gens (65+ years old), reported to be likely to seriously consider purchasing a premium EV. Meaning the average age of consumers interested in purchasing luxury EVs has decreased by more than a decade since earlier research and that the Millennial age range is most likely to consider an EV during their next vehicle purchase.

Another fascinating data point Savanta found was the expectation of a highly-personalized, end-to-end, customer experience, which was a key driver for survey participants considering purchasing an ultra-premium EV.

The study, which utilized a methodology of more than five thousand quantitative surveys, spanning multiple countries and generations, also revealed that vehicle prestige, design, space, comfort, power, and performance, all pillars of AEHRA’s mission, were also crucial decision-making factors.

“With AEHRA’s support, Savanta has been able to execute one of the most intensive, far-reaching, and revealing surveys into customer behaviors and attitudes toward the global ultra-premium EV market,” said Baker. “By unearthing the views of the participants across a multitude of ages, demographics, and geographical regions, the findings deliver greater clarity and cognizance of the sector.

The younger than anticipated age for buyers considering an ultra-premium EV purchase and the fact that interest is split almost equally between men and women are two of the perhaps more surprising findings to emerge. While the clear demand for a significant improvement in customer experience should act as a clarion call for all OEMs and startups with aspirations in the sector.”

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