Swedish EV firm Clean Motion unveils solar-powered delivery van

Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Clean Motion has unveiled the Re:volt; a new electric delivery vehicle with a solar roof.

The Re:volt is designed for zero-emission last mile delivery and offers a range of up to 248 miles, with up to 80 miles of that range generated through the solar panelled roof. Without solar support, the range of the vehicle is reduced to between 48 and 173 miles without solar support.

Clean Motion says pre-orders for the Re:volt will be accepted soon, with production of the vehicle to begin from Autumn 2022. The cost is also said to be “from 9,000 euros.”

The manufacturer lists the power output as 4 kW, with the solar cells contributing 600 watts and the battery capacity varying between 2.5 and 10 kWh. With its compact dimensions of 3 metres in length, 1.4 metres in width and 1.7 metres in height, the new model should compete in the mini-van segment and score as a delivery van with “minimal charging requirements.”

The Re:volt only weighs 250kg but has the capacity to carry a maximum load of 700 kilograms with a load space of 2,500 litres.

Clean Motion says it is currently looking for companies with different transport needs to give feedback and contribute to the adaptation of final details. It adds that, due to the modular design, the vehicle can be easily configured according to customer wishes, and the goal is to create a comprehensive customer offering for the European transport market.

Göran Folkesson, managing director of Clean Motion, commented: “We are not alone in integrating solar panels into electric vehicles. What is unique is the energy efficiency of our vehicles, which means that the solar roof can make them self-sufficient in energy.

“It also means that with only 40 kg of batteries we can offer a range of 280 km, which will suit northern latitudes where the sun is not a reliable energy source.”

The Re:volt is the company’s second EV after the Zbee electric tricycle, which was presented in 2012.

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