Rimac enters production for 150 bespoke Nevera hypercars

Croatian-based hypercar manufacturer Rimac has unveiled the production version of the new €2 million Nevera with a top speed of 258mph.

The Nevera is the production-ready iteration of the Rimac C_Two concept car, which was revealed at the International Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

Rimac’s engineers have refined their new flagship model as part of an extensive development programme, with all systems having been improved and enhanced since the initial prototypes that were revealed in 2018.

Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, commented: “This is it. This is the car I had in mind when I embarked on the ‘impossible’ journey ten years ago. All our hard work has resulted in the Nevera – our record-breaking hypercar. This car was born to outperform, and to raise the bar, redefining the norm for performance cars. And not only in performance – but as an all-around package.

“When we first revealed the C_Two, we set our targets extremely high. There was nothing else that could even come close to matching the car’s cutting-edge electric powertrain and extreme performance. But for us, that was only the starting point.

“Everyone at Rimac is driven by curiosity and a desire to push things to the absolute limit. With its combination of everyday use and 1914hp performance, the Nevera proves what is possible when there are no restraints placed on technology, development, or ambition. We have now unveiled a car that pushes the hypercar market to a higher level, we have utilized the full potential of the electric powertrain today, proving what we’ve always been saying – that electric hypercar, in the form of the Nevera, is beyond exciting, and that is as thrilling on the track, as it is crossing continents.”

The unique H-shaped, liquid-cooled, 120kWh, 6960-cell battery was designed from scratch by Rimac and the Nevera has the ability to sprint to 60mph in 1.85 seconds and continue the acceleration all the way to a 258mph top speed. It will have a high-output motor on each corner, resulting in 1888bhp in total.

Changes to the Nevera’s bodywork, air diffusers and intakes have delivered a 34% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over the early prototypes. The profile of the bonnet, the shape of the pillars and the design of the diffusers, splitters and radiators have also been intensively analysed and refined to improve airflow and downforce.

Inlets and cooling channels have been painstakingly developed to increase the cooling efficiency of both the brake and powertrain systems, resulting in a 30& improvement at low speeds and a 7% enhancement at high speeds.

Miroslav Zrnčević, Rimac’s test and development driver, commented: “Our torque-vectoring enables new level of drivetrain calibration and depending on the driving mode selected, the R-AWTV 2 technology can enable the Nevera to be drifted sideways or provide optimum levels of all-wheel-drive grip, traction and safety – no matter how challenging the road and weather conditions.

“Thanks to a four-individual-motor drivetrain, the driver can also change the torque distribution, and personalize the performance delivery even further, for a completely bespoke drive – ranging from front to rear wheel drive biased car.”

Only 150 models will be made and each car will be a bespoke creation. Mate Rimac will also personally test and sign off each of the Neveras, before they are delivered to customers from the company’s current production site on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia.

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