Easee reaches half a EV million chargers milestone

Easee, the smart electric vehicle charging provider, is celebrating the installation of over half a million chargers.

This milestone coincides with the company’s plans to triple the number of chargers installed by the end of 2023. The announcement also marks a period of rapid growth for the Norwegian based business, which earlier this year announced its sponsorship of the all-electric vehicle programme, Fifth Gear Recharged.

The UK is a huge growth market for Easee, and the company hopes to attract new audiences through its sponsorship of “Fifth Gear Recharged” which airs weekly on Quest TV and Discovery+. Fifth Gear Recharged is a new version of the long-running British automotive programme but with a twist – the show now focuses on electric cars and the future of EVs!

Csilla Heim, Country Director UK, Easee said: “When we launched Easee in the UK in June 2019, it started with one person in Glasgow. We’re now a team of 50+ spread out across three locations in the UK. The rapid growth that we’ve seen, including installing over half a million chargers globally, demonstrates just how quickly the EV market is accelerating – and how Easee is at the forefront of the green transition in the UK.

“Our aim is to continue innovating and make EV charging accessible to all. Our team is working to not only meet the requirements of consumers and new regulations but to stay one step ahead when it comes to product innovation. We’re building an eco-system that not only supports, but accelerates electrification, including the development of connected systems that fully utilise the capacity of the grid.”

Heim added: “In Norway, Easee is a household name, and it is our ambition to replicate this in the UK. That’s why the opportunity with Fifth Gear Recharged was a no brainer. It is such a great opportunity to reach new audiences and to sponsor a show that sets out to overcome misconceptions surrounding electric cars and charging. Its values align with our own, and that’s the key to an effective brand partnership.”

Grace Webb, presenter of Fifth Gear Recharged, said: “There are many misconceptions when it comes to owning an electric car, but recently we’ve seen the general sentiment towards EVs become much more positive. Previously consumers were concerned about time spent charging, but now people understand that you don’t need to charge to 100% to get on with your day, you can top up as much as you need and fully charge when more convenient – it’s just about planning and getting used to a different mindset when it comes to driving.

“The other main barrier was around the upfront cost, so it helps that the second-hand EV market is starting to take off. We’re also seeing more and more EV leasing companies which is amazing, it proves that the desire to drive electric is there – it’s just about making it accessible for all. It’s exciting to see that consumer sentiment is getting much better and that, in fact, many misconceptions are starting to be debunked.”

As part of the Fifth Gear Recharged sponsorship, Easee and its UK Head of Product – and industry guru – Charlie O’Donoghue have teamed up with influencers Jack Scarlett, presenter of ‘Fully Charged’, and Laura Young, Scotland based eco influencer. Together alongside Fifth Gear presenter, Grace Webb, they will create a series of online videos and set out to debunk some common consumer misconceptions.

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