Maserati reveals Grancabrio Folgore as world’s fastest electric drop-top

Maserati has revealed its third all-electric model – the Grancabrio Folgore.

Declaring it the world’s first luxury electric drop-top, Maserati also revealed that the 751bhp four-seater is the world’s fastest electric convertible, and the most expensive, too.

The stunning convertible sports car looks virtually identical to its petrol-powered counterpart, with a revised version of the grille and aero-optimised wheels among the only clues that there isn’t a turbocharged V6 beneath the bonnet.

Under the sleek skin and folding fabric roof, the Grancabrio Folgore uses the same 800V platform as the Granturismo Folgore. That means a three-motor setup, with a single unit up front and one each for the rear wheels. These allow the car to run in front-, rear or all-wheel-drive configurations and offer total installed power of more than 1,184bhp.

Limited by the capabilities of the current battery, total output is 751bhp or 818bhp in ‘Maxboost’ mode. That gives the Grancabrio Folgore a 0-62mph time of just 2.8 seconds – 0.1 seconds slower than the Granturismo – and a top speed of 180mph – 22mph down on the hard-top.

The 83kWh battery is arranged in an innovative T-shape which allows the Grancabrio to maintain a lower floor height than any other EV on the market, and aids with weight distribution. Maserati says the Folgore will cover up to 278 miles on a single charge of the battery, with 270kW DC charging allowing a 62-mile top-up in just five minutes.

The Maserati Grancabrio Folgore is priced from £185,610, with first UK deliveries expected early next year.

At the special Folgore event where the Grancabrio was unveiled, Maserati also reaffirmed its commitment to bring the MC20 Folgore supercar to market next year as part of its electrification strategy. That is expected to use the same triple-motor setup as the Grancabrio but with an even greater focus on raw performance.

The Italian brand intends to be all-electric by 2028, with EV versions of the Levante and Quattroporte joining the MC20, Grancabrio, Granturismo and Grecale.

Matt Allan

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