EV drivers could save £238 using off-peak public chargers in 2023

Off-peak tariffs through British charging networks could save electrified drivers over £238 in 2023 according to a new study from Bonnet.

Electric vehicle charging aggregator Bonnet conducted a savings analysis based on data from its partners GeniePoint and, who have both introduced new variable rates across their networks in the past month – allowing drivers to make savings of 55% and 24% respectively on overnight charging.

Up until recently, cheaper off-peak rates were only available to EV drivers that had access to a driveway and a smart home charging device. These new night-time tariffs will reduce the charging costs for potentially hundreds of thousands of drivers without off-street parking., which has over 1,350 lamppost and bollard charging points across the country, now offers rates of 29p per kWh between midnight and 7am as part of its Night Saver package – 34p less than the daytime rate.

This allows EV users to save on average £9.17 per charge, or £238.42 if they were to recharge 26 times over 12 months. If drivers also used Bonnet’s Light Boost and Turbo Boost packages, which discounts all charging costs by 10-15%, these savings grow to £258 and £268 annually.

GeniePoint, which operates over 900 chargers, applies its variable rate from 8pm to 8am, with electricity priced at 57p per kWh on its GenieFlex tariff. Alongside Bonnet’s Light Boost, users could save over £70 a year, and almost £80 with Turbo Boost.

Patrick Reich, CEO and cofounder of Bonnet, said: “Bonnet is committed to making EV charging as accessible and affordable as possible, so we’re delighted to find that, through innovative off-peak tariffs our partners are leading, drivers will be able to save hundreds of pounds each year.

“We’re always keen to crunch the numbers and let our users know where they can get the best deals. Alongside Bonnet’s boost scheme, which discounts rates across all our chargers, these new variable rates offer serious savings for electric drivers.”

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