Bonnet opens app features to non-affiliated charging networks

Bonnet has partnered with non-affiliated charge point operators to make their chargers visible through its app.

The app will now feature chargers from BP Pulse, Instavolt and Gridserve, adding 17,000 new charging locations and roughly 42,000 new chargers to Bonnet’s map and offering EV drivers a wealth of new options.

While Bonnet users will not be able to pay for charging on these chargers through the app, the new feature offers EV drivers the same detailed live information on location, availability, and reliability on non-Bonnet chargers as those already within Bonnet’s network.

The new feature demonstrates Bonnet’s commitment to improving the charging experience for EV drivers, ensuring that they have a wider range of options when charging their vehicles.

Patrick Reich, CEO of Bonnet said: “We are thrilled to announce the addition of 17,500 new charging locations to our network, thanks to our partnerships with BP Pulse, Instavolt, and Gridserve. This expansion aligns with our mission to accelerate the transition to electric mobility and make EV charging accessible to all. We are constantly working to provide our customers with a seamless charging experience, and this significant increase in charging options is a major step towards achieving that goal.”

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