Andersen launches first EV charger with in-built camouflage technology

Electric vehicle chargepoint brand Andersen has launched the first home charger with built-in camouflage technology.

The Andersen-2-Invisible comes with in-built camouflage technology in the box’s panels, that will match the wall box to the exterior design of its user’s house.

With its current home charger offerings consisting of 96 different colour options, consumers can now take a picture of the wall they want to affix the charge point to prior to installation. Then once the wall box is installed by an accredited Andersen engineer, they upload the picture to Andersen’s Konnect+ app and activate camouflage mode.

The camouflage technology, which are high-definition 4k mini-screens built into the front and side panels of the A-2-1, then mimics the pattern of the wall behind it.

Cameron O’Flage, head of the technology, said: “Our brand mission has always been to produce elegant charge points which customers can personalise to match the design of their house. With the introduction of the A-2-I to our product range, we’ve taken that ambition to the extreme.

“We are proud our chargers are already compatible with every EV on the market, now they’re compatible with every house on the market.”

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