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Orbea Wild M-Team Electric Mountain Bike: A True Enduro Beast

The Orbea Wild M-Team is specifically designed for the enduro market, and Orbea has gone above and beyond to create a machine that offers outstanding performance and versatility

Here I will take you through the key features and specifications of the Orbea Wild M-Team, and share my personal experiences riding this beast on the trails.

Frame, Suspension, and Motor

The Orbea Wild M-Team features a full carbon fiber frame that is not only incredibly lightweight but also integrates the Bosch 750Wh battery into the closed down tube. This not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also contributes to better weight distribution and improved stiffness. The battery powers Bosch’s Performance Line CX electric bike motor, which offers a whopping 85Nm of torque. This motor is known for its powerful assistance and addictive-feeling performance, providing a seamless riding experience.

When it comes to suspension, the Orbea Wild M-Team does not disappoint. It is equipped with Orbea’s CB2 suspension system, which features 160mm of rear-wheel travel. This suspension design separates braking and suspension forces, resulting in a balanced and supple ride. Paired with a 170mm-travel Fox 38 Factory fork, the Wild M-Team can handle even the most demanding descents with ease.

Geometry and Customization Options

Orbea understands that every rider is unique, and that’s why they offer extensive customization options with the Wild M-Team. The bike is available in four different sizes, from small to extra-large, ensuring that riders of all heights can find a perfect fit. The geometry of the Wild M-Team is designed to excel in gravity-focused riding, with a 64-degree head tube angle, 77.5-degree seat tube angle, 448mm chainstays, and a 353mm bottom bracket height across all sizes. These figures provide stability and control, allowing riders to confidently tackle steep and technical trails.

Moreover, Orbea’s My O program takes customization to the next level. Riders can upgrade or swap out components according to their preferences, and even choose their own paint and full component customization. This level of personalization allows riders to truly make the Wild M-Team their own, ensuring that it reflects their unique style and riding needs.

Specifications and Performance

When it comes to the specifications, the Orbea Wild M-Team is truly decked out. This model comes with top-of-the-line components, including Fox Factory suspension and seatpost, a Shimano XT M8100 drivetrain, and Maxxis DH-casing tires. The Fox 38 Factory fork and Float X2 rear shock provide excellent support and damping, allowing riders to push the bike to its limits without compromising control. The Shimano XT M8100 drivetrain offers smooth and precise shifting, while the Maxxis DH-casing tires deliver unparalleled grip on various terrains.

During my testing of the Orbea Wild M-Team, I was blown away by its performance. The bike handled everything from deep-winter wet conditions to snow, ice, and dust with ease. On climbs, the Wild M-Team’s steep seat tube angle and balanced weight distribution allowed me to maintain traction and control without constantly shifting my body position. The powerful Bosch motor provided ample assistance, conquering even the steepest gradients effortlessly.

Incredible Descending Capability

Where the Orbea Wild M-Team truly shines is in its descending capability. The suspension system, combined with the bike’s geometry, creates a balanced and confidence-inspiring ride. The CB2 suspension system absorbs rough terrain with ease, providing an incredibly smooth and controlled experience. Even on seriously rough downhill-style trails, the rear suspension stayed supple and responsive, offering ample grip and stability.

The Fox 38 Factory fork is a perfect match for the Wild’s rear end, providing excellent support and bottom-out resistance. This combination allows riders to maintain speed and control over large choppy bumps, without feeling harshness or high-frequency vibrations. The bike’s balance and well-considered geometry make it easy to navigate turns, with minimal effort required. The Wild’s stability and grip-rich experience inspire confidence, enabling riders to choose and take tricky lines on gnarly terrain with ease.

Comparison with the Whyte E-180 RSX MX

When comparing the Orbea Wild M-Team to its closest competitor, the Whyte E-180 RSX MX, both bikes offer impressive enduro-ready geometry and performance. However, the Orbea Wild M-Team has a wider operating window, excelling not only in aggressive, fast-paced riding but also in cruisy, slower-paced runs. The Wild’s geometry and suspension system make it adaptable for various types of riding, going beyond its gravity-focused enduro intentions.

Spec-wise, both bikes are evenly matched, with top-tier components and suspension systems. However, the Orbea Wild M-Team takes the lead with its customizable spec options and broader performance band. The ability to upgrade or swap out components, combined with the personalized paint and full component customization options, allows riders to create a truly unique and tailored riding experience.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Orbea Wild M-Team electric mountain bike is a force to be reckoned with. Its balanced feel on ascents and descents, capable suspension, and loads of grip make it a true enduro beast.

The integration of the Bosch motor and battery into the frame, as well as the extensive customization options, set the Wild M-Team apart from its competitors. Whether you’re tackling technical descents or conquering steep climbs, the Wild M-Team delivers an unparalleled riding experience.

If you’re looking for a top-performing electric mountain bike that offers versatility and personalization, look no further than the Orbea Wild M-Team.

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