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Lectric ONE Review 2024

When considering why some people hesitate to purchase an e-bike, the usual concerns include insufficient speed, maintenance challenges, and complicated transmissions. The Lectric ONE addresses all these issues, offering a smooth ride, easy maintenance, and a user-friendly transmission.

Performance and Handling

The Lectric ONE features a Pinion gearbox, known for its smooth and quick shifting. At 63 lbs with the battery, it’s relatively light, providing nimble handling. This Class 3 e-bike boasts a maximum assist speed of 28 mph, and the Gates belt drive system eliminates the need for chain lubrication, preventing black smudges and missed shifts.

Set to its maximum power settings, the Lectric ONE accelerates quickly and offers a thrilling ride. The overall feel and handling are excellent, making it a joy to ride.


Range Rating: 4.2
Estimated Range (from Lectric): up to 45 mi. (499Wh), 60 mi. (672Wh)

The Lectric ONE is available with either a 499Wh or a 672Wh battery. The 499Wh battery offers up to 45 miles of range, while the 672Wh battery can extend this to approximately 60 miles. This range ensures that riders can enjoy extended trips without worrying about recharging frequently.

Power (Motor & Battery)

Power Rating: 750W rear hub motor with cadence sensor, 85Nm of torque

The 750W rear hub motor is the most powerful in Lectric’s lineup, delivering a top-assist speed of 28 mph effortlessly. The motor has a maximum output of 1310W and 85Nm of torque, making it highly responsive. Unlike the typical 12-magnet cadence sensors, Lectric uses a 96-magnet cadence sensor, enhancing the bike’s responsiveness.

Riders can effortlessly reach Class 3 speeds and adjust the motor’s responsiveness. At its highest setting, the motor is powerful enough to pop wheelies. The option to choose between Class 1, 2, or 3 operation adds to the bike’s versatility.

When considering why some people hesitate to purchase an e-bike, the usual concerns include insufficient speed, maintenance challenges, and complicated transmissions.


The standout feature of the Lectric ONE is the Pinion SmartShift gearbox. The Pinion C1.6i gearbox provides smooth electronic shifting across six gears, offering nearly a 300 percent gear range. This gearbox is powered by the bike’s battery and can be set to shift automatically, functioning as a true automatic transmission.

Without a rear derailleur, the bike uses a Gates belt drive, ensuring quiet operation and eliminating the need for chain maintenance. This setup also contributes to the bike’s overall low maintenance requirements.

Screen / User Interface / App

The Lectric ONE comes with a new, larger, full-colour display. This display allows for extensive customisation, including selecting the class of operation and adjusting the motor’s responsiveness. Riders can choose from 11 responsiveness settings, with the highest setting providing the most gentle acceleration and the lowest setting offering muscle-car-like power.

Is The Lectric ONE Worth It?

Absolutely. The Lectric ONE offers exceptional value, packing high-quality features into an affordable package. The inclusion of the Pinion gearbox is particularly impressive, as this component is typically found on much more expensive e-bikes. The combination of a powerful motor, advanced gearbox, and thoughtful design makes the Lectric ONE a standout in its price range.

The Lectric ONE is not just a fantastic e-bike; it represents a remarkable value proposition. For a bike that retails for around £2000, it offers features and performance that are usually found on models costing significantly more. This e-bike is fast, fun, and equipped with top-tier technology, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality, affordable e-bike.

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